Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Of possession and fear...

Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which you reason and your judgment wage war against passion and your appetite.
Would that I could be the peacemaker in your soul, that I might turn the discord and the rivalry of your elements into oneness and melody
But how shall I, unless you yourselves be also the peacemakers, nay, the lovers of all your elements?” 
–Kahlil Gibran

One finds a strange comfort in the hollowness of beautiful words sometimes. Like gems that were waiting to be unearthed by you. Waiting to tell you what you want to listen to.
Those words are not just that. They are what I am. They are what I am fighting. They tell stories of the cold nights on the terrace. They tell stories of the sleepless darkness that I’m fighting. They are the stories of those words casually thrown around and that refuse to leave you alone.
The stories of the pain that comes with a harsh, cold night, when your eyes smart from the ice-cold wind and your fingers turn numb when you run them over the steel railings and you muffle a shiver as you place your bare foot on the granite slabs washed by the cruel, cold moonlight. And you know there’s so much to say and you know that much of it will remain unsaid, because you fear. You fear losing what you cherish and you fear having to face it and you fear that nothing will be the same and you fear that you will wake up to a reality much harsher than this. And you know that you’re fighting that war.
The stories of the turmoil when you know it’s the not the right thing. But you want it to BE. And you close your eyes and walk on pretending to know not where it’s all leading. And you fumble for your totem and hope the dream is your reality. And the war is still on.
And you know the answer to it all along. When it comes down to the battle, there’s only one way you win this one. The answer lies in fighting for oneself. Your needs are but your weaknesses. That person you seek is but your undoing. The answer lies in YOU.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hiding somewhere in the night

I keep the ice-cold water running. It sends a chill down my spine, but weird how the painfully cold water, that almost stings me, is a rather welcome feeling. It makes me feel like I can wash away the last vestiges of a part of me I don’t want to keep with me.

The feeling of letting the cold water run over your tired eyes and throbbing head. I’m afraid to open my eyes. I’m afraid there’s too many things that are going to hit me at the same time, too many answers that I owe myself and to many others, too many issues I’d rather leave unattended.

There’s a part of me that wants to curl up in the bed after the shower and never wake up. And a part of me, that  wants to go out in the bright sun and let the warmth fill me, like everyday...

I look at my fingers turn white and wrinkly. They feel so weird, like they aren’t a part of me, like I can’t feel them anymore. Like memories long forgotten.

I feel the goosebumps and welcome that shiver. Is it time I woke up? Or am I still going to believe in the mantra of ‘Reality is overrated’? Sometimes, just sometimes, we know the answers all along. We just don’t want to accept them. We love the dream too much to let go of it.

So where does one draw the line? When is the right time? Which price is too high? The stakes only keep increasing...Is there an exit?

I don’t know. I probably never will. There’s no turning back, for now.

There’s only one thing I know when I come out of the shower. I need to change my shampoo.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little women...and men.

I never know what I really want. I want a bit of this and a bit of that, only to realize its one or none.

My DEEP conversation. Actually, i wanted to try out a cool screenshot ;)

In the course of having a DEEP conversation with one of my close friends* today I came to two VERY IMPORTANT conclusions:

My Little Monster <3
a)Boys are monsters**. ALL of them. Even the one who you thought was really nice . Only you probably/will probably choose to close your eyes to signs of his monstrosity. The good, little monster of your life you know.

b)MOST girls are evil, manipulative bitches. Don’t get it? Try this. It’s so true its creepy.*** It’s like  someone cut-copy-pasted all that I had in my mind. But I said ‘MOST’. There are a few good ones also. Rare, but there. Or maybe we again just choose to close our eyes to it because she’s your best friend and she’s the good, little bitch of your life. A little bit of manipulation and bitching never did anyone harm. :P

I need to start loving myself a little more. Late realization, but true. I’ve spent all these years giving primacy to others before me- parents, friends, best friends, boyfriend, the-one-I-want-as-my-boyfriend. Enough. Must stop now. Noone’s worth it. Except, your parents. Mom and Dad are the best things that happened to you. J

I cried myself to sleep last night. It’s possibly the most unpleasant thing in the world. I woke up in the morning with a headache and exactly the same thoughts as I’d gone to sleep with. Fail.

What I really need right now is the beach + coconut water + my best friend + a LONG conversation on the ultimate question of  life, the universe and everything (and the answer to that is neither 42 nor ‘nothing’ in my Universe).

Alanis Morissette is God! She knows everything. And she has a song to suit every problem in my life. I don’t think I can EVER get over “Hands Clean”. It makes me laugh everytime, and feel a little bit sad too.

I LOVE the cartoon week celebrations that’s all over Facebook. It’s funny how it’s made so many of my friends ACTUALLY  Youtube  the favourite episode/scene of their favourite cartoon/animation movie. I like the happy feel of it all. As MM says, “the world has finally woken up to the art that is animation”. J

I think the song  “Sheila ki Jawaani” is ABSOLUTELY disgusting. I don’t know why everyone’s going gaga over it. It sounds bad, looks bad and is well  BAD. Period.

My projects will NEVER get over till I log out of GTalk. Little I can do about it though. I feel like I can’t breathe without being online on GTalk. =/

I think today was the International Day of Cynicism. It was everywhere, all the time.

Don’t be fooled by the title of the post. It has little to do with whatever I wrote. I TOLD you I was messed up in the head today! Or did I?

*You know who you are.
**Copyright-Niya. Don't forget to check her out at <3
*** Thank you for that absolutely life changing article- you know who you are.

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields"

Strawberry Fields 2010.

It came and it went. Leaving behind in its wake more than just 3 days of brilliant music.
Every bit of the “unpaid slave labour” (as my friend likes to put it) worth it, in the end. The 3 days when law school doesn’t seem like law school. Pure, unadulterated music that brings together almost every law schoolite.

And well, it makes for some of my best memories from law school. The charged atmosphere, the cheering crowd, the chaos, the smell of Nizaam’s Rolls, benevolent seniors ( :P), the pretty lights and the sheer brilliance of the music. It’s my favourite time of the year.

And I’ve mentioned it once before in one of my posts, but it’s my FAVOURITE moment from this year’s SF- being drunk and sitting on the precariously balanced bike, leaning against a friend for support and seeing the laser lights make patterns in the sky and listening to o the crowd swaying and singing along to Raghu Dixit’s “Har saans mein, har dhadkan mein ho tum” <3

Here’s to many more moments like these to come. No matter how clich├ęd it sounds, Strawberry Fields forever.

Photo Courtesy: Paldron Tenzin

"Last Friday Night"

So, everyone has one of those days.
Days when one makes that one big faux pas. So how much does it really matter? The mistake. More importantly what matters more? The friend you lost? The trust and faith people lost on you? The guilty conscience? The pointed glares and cold shoulders? The humiliation and embarrassment? I could never decide for myself. I didn’t know which was worse.
But the best way to deal with it, I learnt, was to be with my friends. It’s a test too. You come out of it knowing those people who you know will stand by you through thick and thin. And it’s a comforting thought indeed. So, give it back to them when they are facing the rough patch coz you know the worth of a text message asking you if you’re ok. Coz you know the worth of a long talk on the parking lot benches. Coz you know the worth of that hug that says “I’m right here”. Coz you know the security of knowing someone’s fighting for you. Frame that moment when you’re drunk and can’t stand straight  and you sit on the bike and lean against your friend for support and see the laser lights making patterns in the sky. That’s your moment and there’s your friend.
When so many things are going wrong, take solace in the fact that someone’s ready to watch your back and set it right. Find those people and never let them go coz they are the ones who really care. Good or bad, everything happens for a reason so follow MM’s mantra in life- Keep calm and eat cupcakes. But don’t forget to share them with the one who bought you that comfort food. J

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calcutta Chromosomes

Its takes one word to make everything in life a little easier.

Wake up late in the bed which I’ve slept in for 19 years. Woken up by Mom who then tries to prevent me from going back to sleep again by striking up some random conversation often about the headlines of the day, shopping/movie plans, my dad’s newest colleague who comes to office drunk, my distant cousin’s wedding plans or my first cousin’s hostel life updates.

It’s all so comforting to be talking about things and people I’ve grown up amongst. To let her do all the talking and let it all sink in. The feeling of being home, near my mother; Smiling at the fact that none of those abovementioned things really affect my life except that they seem familiar, less alien than every morning that greets me in law school. And the best part is that your Mom knows it all, knows that you really don’t care that much about a drunken colleague or a distant cousin but she knows I need the familiarity of family, friends and relatives.

It’s just the perfect beginning to any day!
Get hold of a book and sit in the verandah reading it and dozing off and waking up in fits.
The collection of your favourite DVDs.
A long phone call with your best friend.
Radio One and your favourite FM channel (a non-existent thing in Bangalore unless you want to listen to Kannada music!).
Dinner with your family while the TV plays the soppiest soap on earth!
Theres something magical about it. The comfort, the predictability, the known smell of freshly laundered clothes, the touch of the weathered study table, the couch in front of the T.V.  and the comfortable spots of which you’re completely aware, the familiar smell that wafts in from the kitchen, the comfort of piping hot food, the balancing act when sitting on the parapet discussing life with your cousin...

And there’s something about returning back to your own city.

Of Park Street and Peter Cat and Flury’s and Christmas celebrations and Someplace Else and Oxford and Mocambo and Roxy...

Of Elgin Road and Forum and the infamous CCD that has witnessed much of my life’s many funny escapades and Aqua Java and Prime meetups and Kookie Jar...

Of Lake Gardens and the Lake and boating  and South City and Sneha and evening walks and phuchkas and plans to change the world and Grub Club and Southern Avenue ...

Of the walk down the road in front of school and the Upper Crust and the Xerox shops and the rickshaw rides...

Along the Outram Ghat and ferry rides, ice-cream at Scoop and walking along the Circular Railway tracks...

The silhouette of the  Hooghly bridge against the evening sky, the outline of Eden Gardens from my terrace on a ODI night, the Maidan and Book Fair and football, the lit up Howrah bridge and the night lights...

The festive feel in the air from a month before the Durga Pujo. The charged atmosphere, noise and the chaos that ensues during those five days and how everyone enjoys every bit of it. The first glimpses on Shashti, the morning anjali on Ashtami, watching the procession for the immersion of idols on Dashami from my grandmom’s balcony and writing the Durganaam ten times on the Bel leaf. The familiarity of traditions...

Of so many memories scattered all over the city, in the unlikeliest of places and dingiest lanes, on metro rides and pirated book shops on the Golpark pavement, in the darkest alleys of New Market and the rows of fresh bakes in Nahoum’s, of friends forgotten and promises not kept, of returning back to the people who know you the best and manage to surprise you with that knowledge in the unlikeliest way ...

Here’s to my City of Joy...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Error, qui non resistitur approbatur!

Error, qui non resistitur approbatur - An error not resisted is approved.

So, i came across this Latin, legal maxim that made me believe once again that I was meant to be in Law School!
It's way too funny how I've actually used it in my life! It's like that moment from Legally Blonde where Elle Woods goes "I Object!"...

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice :)

So, I had one of those long terrace conversations with my friend today. And there’s so much that came out of it.
We talked about how different our lives have become in the course of these last three months-
broken bonds, new misunderstandings, changed equations, new friends and the distancing of old ones, missed opportunities, new foundations and the loss of the old ones, how the contentment that filled me at the end of my 1st year in law school is all but mostly non-existent now, how life’s been too fast for me to catch up with it, we laughed at how one gets to hear the weirdest rumours about oneself here, we talked about choices and the fear of not being the chosen one, of choices one makes while dealing with the same thing, of priorities and decisions, of not being what I mean to people anymore, of not letting closed wounds open up and haunt us again...

We talked about how I baked a cake for my friend’s birthday today and its many connotations in my life.  How it’s my attempt at getting my life back on its old track by doing something I used to do; it’s my attempt at making amends and setting things right with a friend I don’t want to lose; How it’s therapeutic in a weird way- how everything is measured and put in the perfect amount and how when the baked cake comes out smelling of chocolate and the perfect brown colour, it makes me feel so good about myself, so secure in its success!

It wasn’t one of those ‘depressed days’ conversations, just one of those days when one wants to speak, wants to let it all out, wants to question everything out aloud, clear all those confusions, wants to start all over again... It’s just one of those days when one sits down and makes a checklist of everything that went right and everything that didn’t and take solace in the ones that did and make promises to oneself to make the others work out the next time...

Life’s just like the cake you know...All you need to know is the perfect baking time. You need to know the correct time and the correct ingredient and the correct company. There’s always the small impurity in the ingredient you need to sift  out; always the possibility of putting too much of the cocoa powder that makes it turn bitter, experience teaches you the perfect amount; always the extra amount of cream that makes the icing too liquid so it doesn’t sit nicely on the cake, the correct consistency comes with pouring it little at a time; and there’s ALWAYS the contentment that comes with having that leftover piece of cake after everyone has devoured it... At the end of the day, life IS about sugar and spice and everything nice, just find the correct people to share it with, choose them carefully and choose them well coz they make the experience worth it...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

At the end of a trimester that had it ALL- Love, Life and Law School

So, my friend sent me a message that said- “Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of a misfortune.”

Given that we both have been grappling with the same kind of 'misfortunes' and problems and the solution to which seems to be elusive at this point of time, it’s one of our efforts to bring our lives back on track by trying to infuse the “ultimate philosophy of perfect living” in our horribly messed up lives.

It’s not like we both already don’t realize the importance of acceptance, but it’s the process that’s problematic! Too many externalities and complications! The biggest externality being 'law school'! It manages to magnify and moralize just about ANYTHING! And also coming with it is the pleasure one finds in pain.

Yes, a little masochistic, but sometimes wallowing in self-pity gives you a lot of satisfaction! Not that I’m a big propronent of it, but it has it’s pros and cons and it’s possibly a way of holding on to the past. And if I already haven’t mentioned, I’m a big FAILURE at the art of letting go (so much so that my friends gift me “Simple Truths of Life: Learning to Let Go” cards on my farewell!)

So, here’s the flowchart to acceptance 
“Denial--->Anger--->Acceptance”. I’m not sure on which leg of the journey I stand. Partial denial? Partial anger? Partial acceptance? Its ALL of those three and a lot more. It’s confusing, frustrating, depressing and well, complicated. If only life were as easy as following a flowchart.

The only good coming out of this whole chaos? Friends. The ones who stood by and the ones who didn’t. The likely ones and the unlikeliest ones. The old ones and the new. At the end of it all there’s a warm feeling inside me, for all those who stood by. I don’t really care about the ones who didn’t, anymore.

Too many life lessons learnt in one trimester. And I’m glad it’s coming to an end. Like everytime, I’m gonna hope that the next one is better and this time I can actually believe it will be coz there HAS to be a high in my life after this all time low! So, the eternal optimist that I am, I’m gonna believe that the solution to my problems are not far and that things can only get better from here. 

To Want or Not to Want?

There are things you want. You know, big things and plans for your life. And then there are things that you just want .Like right now. Nothing to do with the 'long term perspective' but you do!
Like  a pack of Caribbean Hot and Sweet Lays.
An insightful conversation on the terrace.
A haircut.
A holiday.
Freedom from my mental blocks. Like my mental blocks against IITians and Jaipur (people from Jaipur rather)
A flat 50% sale at Mango.
A roasted chicken sub and iced-lemon tea.
A long drive.
SADLY, I’m not getting any of those. Which brings me to the point about how the human brain functions! I  mean I know I won’t get any of those right now but I still crave for them. It’s true for the long term goals also. Most of them are unattainable but we still want them and don’t give up on trying to get them. It’s the challenge I guess that keeps us going and the hope of something better (It’s also the concept behind “Why Taken Guys are Sexier”).
Such optimistic enthusiasts!
But well, we’d rather try than not try thinking its unattainable. So, like my friend said today, “Google up Obama’s campaign and then tell yourself “You Can Do It”!

P.S. And here's what the world would like me to believe! What a BIG, FAT LIE!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There Ain't No Emerald City...

And you’re left behind...
Holding onto the remnants of all that could have been...
So much to be said and so little to be heard,
There’s little that went wrong,
There’s so much that could’ve gone right...
There’s so much to the story than what meets the eye,
And it takes a stolen glance,
An unspoken word,
An unshed tear,
A chance remark,
The flash of a memory,
And you’re left behind again...
Grappling with the weight of all that was good.
It’s the time to let go.
You know it better than anyone...
You know it too well you won’t,
The pain reminds you that there was a time,
When you were happier...
When didn’t cry yourself to sleep,
A little less disillusioned..
When you were still searching for the happy place...
And now the search comes to an end...
Coz here, it doesn’t exist.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trials and Triumphs


That’s what our lives are about. Choices- the ones we make and the ones we don’t. The ones we don’t possibly, unknowingly affecting us more than the ones we do.  

So we choose to close our eyes to things we don’t want to believe. Choose to not believe something because we think it helps us face the next day much more easily. So today a friend asked “Is it wrong to make the easier choice?” and well I couldn’t really blame anyone for wanting to do so. Yes, it’s the more selfish choice to make because denials just make acceptance difficult for others, but well, who cares about the others? Life’s about US right? At the end of the day, we are answerable to ourselves and as long as u can look in the mirror and look into your own eyes and not feel guilty about things we do and decision we take, it’s ALL that matters.

So I tell myself –Stop trying to be the noble one and accepting things, ignore truths you don’t want to accept and move on. It’s the easiest thing to do. Cheat life, cheat others in the process but get your fucking conscience saved and ass covered.

Only, no matter how many times I say that to myself, I’m never ever to do it. And I’m never able to forgive the ones who take the easier path and leave the others to fight the battle alone.


So there’s the right time and the right decision. How often do we take the right decision at the right time? And that’s where Faith comes in. Faith in oneself. You lose it once and it takes ages to build back again. And the world with its weird ideas of right and wrongs and moral lectures and social upbringing doesn’t help either. It makes you believe in all the things that the world accuses you of being. But faith in the one above? It’s a funny thing. Coz when YOU let yourself down, you can choose to believe that the one above will be fair. That’s faith for me.

And it’s the only choice where I take the easier way out.

P.S. And few will ever understand the reason behind why I named this post what it's named.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lights, Camera, *ACTION*

So EVERYBODY wants drama in their life!
AND there are different ways of getting it!

So my roommate thinks there'll be drama in her life if her other roommates get some action in theirs! And then she can sit back and see all the drama from a distance and give us constructive advice and consolation (whichever is needed).

And then there's my other roommate who just realized the futility of having action in a roommate's life. She realizes it rarely manages to bring action and drama in hers! So she waits and watches and contemplates taking THE STEP to getting action to her life!

AND then, there'e me. AND my half-fail, half-successful attempt at getting drama. Now my roommates push me to take take THE NEXT STEP to getting action to my life!

And in the midst of this is my roommate's friend Nero who also wants action and drama and she's found a way too.The hunt for the ultimate Tiffany/Cartier boi.

Yet, the drama we are all running after seems to be elusive.

So till we find that drama, lets keep planning for it! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Law School *sigh*

So I should ideally be finishing my Pol Sci readings... *sigh*
but like i said, ideally.

Exams always bring with it this unexplainable urge to blog. Actually its not THAT unexplainanble, its PROCRASTINATION.
But then, theres nothing much to write about!
There's every possibility that this post too will end up being a whiny  "Things I Hate in Law School" post.
So i can end up writing about how law school makes people insensitive, ungrateful and selfish .
And how its so difficult to walk the tightrope and be surrounded by uncertainties all the time.
How one does not deserve what one gets here and does not get what one deserves.

But then there's so much to like about this place.
Like theres MM and our Pizza dates and sleepovers. Yes, they sound stupid, but it matters when you know theres someone who will take time out for you every week and make you feel nice, happy and loved. Theres something that is just between us- like this small, little, personal space.

And then there are the terrace talks every night. Yes, its cold up there and the pretty trees have all been cut down. But then again, its one of those things that give you a break and let u know "There you go, Thats the time you steal from the hectic Law School routine, everyday, for yourself".

And then there are auto rides. You hate the fact that the college is in Nagarbhavi. But its still nice to feel the wind against your face on that 40 min auto ride to M.G.

Yes, festivals dont feel festive here. But the memories make for a pretty picture. Like the unforgettable Diwali night, our first away from home, when we sat next to the water tanks and cheered every firework that lit up the sky and sang songs loud enough to drown the sounds of the fireworks.

Yes, its a rat-race here. But there are those few people who still care. They can always make out you're upset and offer to lend you their shoulders to cry on or lend you their ears so u can bitch and then make suitable consolations and comments.

Yes, the food sucks. But there are always times when you learn to enjoy that midnight Maggi/Pasta.

Yes, everyone's very very different here, But you'll always find someone to agree with you when u need it.

Its not that easy, this place. But it isn't that bad either. :)
Its quite easy to start liking parts of it. But yes, very difficult to fall in love with.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sister of My Heart

So my sister landed a job! :)
One that promises lots of chocolates. And added perks like extra allowances every month. :P

So it makes me think. About my childhood. Walk down that memory lane that's  now kind of difficult to figure out due to the overgrowths and grapevines of the years of experiences and memories.

She was the stud. I was always the one trying to be one.
She was the ideal child. I was busy getting over trying to be Kareena Kapoor! :P
She was the responsible one. I was the one she tried saving from getting into trouble.

But she adored me. Loved me like she's possibly loved no one till date.
And my childhood was spent, to a large extent, trying to be like her.

I grew up under her protective wings.
In the beginning, in school and our drawing classes, I always known as 'Sudeshna's sister'...
And they all expected nothing less from me than the studliness she'd already exhibited.
Sometimes i hated being tagged as someone's sister and not having an identity of my own. But then i was too small then. It dint really matter at that point of time.

And then i started growing up, spreading my wings, slowly peeking from behind her protective wings and trying to find a footing in the world- shaky and apprehensive.
And then she left.
I was 12 then.
And i cried my eyes out. Coz i was scared. I was afraid she'd forget me. Forget that i still needed her. That she'd find new people to love. She'd find a new world for herself, far, far away from the imaginary Gucciland we inhabited.

And thus i grew up. Miles away from her. She'd come home once in 5 months and i slowly learnt to live without sharing the tiniest bit of my life with her.
I learnt to sleep alone in the room.
I learnt to do my Maths homework alone and study for my exams without running to her and asking her to help me revise.
I learnt to handle my boy problems myself.
I built a world for myself. And an identity.
I was no more Sudeshna's sister.
I had a bunch of very dependable friends who always made me fell loved and lucky.

But i never managed to learn to live WITHOUT her.
Her advice still mattered the most.
She always knew exactly what to say and more importantly what NOT to say.
She still does.
She's still the one who mediates a fight between me and my my Mom.
She's still the more responsible one.
She's still the one who holds it all together.

But i learnt one thing over the years.
She's NEVER loved anyone as much as me.
I possibly failed her on that ground.

I miss her.
And i've learnt to love her more.

Yes, she's the sister of my heart...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Judgmentus Orgasmicus!

So today’s one of those days when I feel like my life’s going nowhere. I’m bored, disillusioned with everything here and find a reason to complain about everything around. So you hate the fact that the LLMs have taken over all of Chetta, the food in the mess sucked, there’s nothing in my life to look forward to-no drama, no boy and the unending pile of PolSci and History readings that just makes you nauseas.
Law School does that to you pretty often.
And then you hear of how seniors just landed jobs that pay a lakh a month. *sigh*
The fast forward button anyone?
And then there are always people. People who are orgasmic about judgments AND passing judgments.     

So they judge you for getting drunk and having fun with a junior. They think they are the official moral police of the country and pass dirty looks the next morning and call you a slut or “the one who preys on the first years”. They think they have a right to decide what’s right and what’s wrong for everyone and anyone deviating from their set notion of right and wrong MUST be in the gossip column the next day and the case discussed, rediscussed, brought before the jury, a thousand inferences drawn from it and finally done to death with, so that no new stories and inferences can possibly come out of it.
So then, you’re judged if you are best friends with a senior who already has a girlfriend.
You’re judged for dancing with junior boys and not giving attention to the guys of your own batch. That automatically turns us into sleazeballs apparently
So you’re judged if you can’t tell Gucci from Prada and don’t match your shoes with your clothes.
You’re judged cause you don’t come from the cooler places in the country.
You don’t need a reason. You just need a mouth and an idle mind =\
And voila! You have the judgement of the day!

But then one consoles oneself with the thought that more often than not these judgments are forgotten, making way for the next one. These judgments, thankfully, don’t always act as precedents! So they’re more than happy to forget the case and find a new one that’s more interesting! So till the next judgment on you is passed you can rest in peace!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

So there are these new species who have landed in Law School...

So, it’s been a month of second year. And the juniors are here. And we’ve had our share of ‘positive interaction’ and more or less familiarized ourselves with the people who are going to be our slaves for the next one year. J So, here’s a description (yes, I AM very bored AND my projects are over) of the types of these juniors who seem to be infesting every corner of the campus right now! :P

The Favourite One:  The one junior who you are really really fond of. This one takes the advice, is USUALLY not cocky, asks you politely if the projects are done (and offers to help out even), is ever ready to entertain you when you’re bored  and well generally does all the things that makes him a favourite!

The One You Meet at Chetta Everyday: This one’s the one you CANNOT miss at Chetta everyday between 8.30 and 9. Be it rain, sun or snow he’s definitely there, surrounded by a group of seniors or batchmates which might or might not change on a daily basis.

The Cocky one: This one’s the one everyone dislikes. S/he’s rude, thinks s/he owns the world, has a tendency to show off and answer back with replies that obviously doesn’t please you!
The Enthu one:  This one’s forever enthusiastic about everything. He/She’s putting up the posters, timing the rounds for every Univ Selection, socializing with the seniors and is high on everyone’s list of “The Juniors I like”. J

The Hottie:  This one’s the one every batchmate is scoping for!

The Face Doubles:  They are the one’s who are unlucky to get tagged as “Baby someone” or “Someone junior” because he/she resembles a senior.

The One Who has Already been Pronounced the batch Slut: This one gets all the slime, deserved or undeserved!

The Girl/Boy-Next-door Junior: The one who flashes you a smile every morning when she’s locking the door to her room before class, asks you for advice on Law school matters, is sweet and polite, drops in to ask if you’re alright if you even have a cold and makes you feel important! This one’s pleasant and easy to like.

The Slimy Junior:  This one doesn’t have many good things to say about most people. He/she will have all the gossip of the batch and make sure everyone knows them too! She’ll do whatever it takes to get what/whom she wants!

The Genius: This one’s the surprise package! He/she juggles everything in law school perfectly and has no time management issues. He/she sleeps in class yet wakes up knowing more than the one’s awake!

The Playboy: This one’s the one always surrounded by girls and man can he charm them all! But he should come with a warning tag for all the girls!

The Nerd: This one’s to be found in the library. Most of the time. He/she complains about wasting time having three meals a day and giving roomcheck. Thinks starting projects 5 days before submission is the biggest sin EVER and any time except ‘library time’ as a waste!

The “In-Love” one: This one’s hit the romance jackpot pretty fast and is enjoying every bit of it!
he Awestruck One: Everything about law school amazes her/him. He/she genuinely believe they are living their dreams and never complain about anything in the place!

The Shy One: This one remains in the background. Is usually sweet and polite and gets a little intimidated by the seniors sometimes.

The Lost one: This one doesn’t know what he/she’s doing here. He/She’s the one still trying to settle down to Law School life and trying to get used to the system here.

The Blonde one: She’s pretty AND she’s pretty dumb. But she gives everyone a run for their money when it comes to having all the attention and fun

The Vain one: He/She consider themselves to be the smartest people around. Like showing off their knowledge about anything and everything and generally consider themselves to be a notch above everyone else.

The Sports Freak:  This one loves his/her basketball/tennis/football/throwball etc. and makes sure it’s a part of his/her “Claim to Fame”.

The Focussed One: This one knows what he/she wants from law school and will work to make sure they get it.

The One Who is trying too hard: He/She is trying hard to fit into the place and the groups. She’s the one who wants the attention but isn’t getting much of it!

The One Who got The Culture Shock: This one is scandalized just at the look of a Quad party!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its ALL to get to the Bar!

So whats driving us to finish our projects?
The ladies night on Thursday at Vaayu- The Sky Bar!
Its time to drown all the project sorrows in a glass of Cosmo :)

Welcoming back

So, there was this time when I was a regular blogger and then Law School happened.

So what makes me return u ask?
Well, it’s one of those phases that my roommate likes to call " projects-makes-life-seem-horrible". Only this time I realized, after an intense conversation with the said roommate, that i need to start doing those things again that used to  make me happy when my life was a little less abnormal.
That explains my return to blogosphere.

The rest- let it be Res Ipsa Loquitur!

P.S. The Law Schoolite in me refuses to let me be in peace till I acknowledge the copyright that Megha Mathur has over the name of this blog. :)