Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Like Always

I've often wondered how I had such an uneventful childhood and school-days. There was nothing out-of-place that happened. There was nothing exciting or life-changing that made everything go topsy turvy.
My life was wrapped up in the whispers and giggles of the morning assembly, the frisbee matches in the corridors, the longing glances at the Mercs in our 'dream house', the phuchka and Upper Crust treats after school, the car rides back home, often spent in pin drop silence and more often in non-stop chatter, pillow talks till 4 in the night, scared texting on stormy, pre-physics-exam nights, Rabindrajayantis and Teachers days, heartbreaks, heartaches and breakup mails, hushed talks in the library corner, Breezers outside amartya's, camping outside Doga's, incessant complaints about all the 'chaap' from home, the "Who's Pratyusha dating?" games, the photoshoots all over school, the Saraswati Pujos, the Lake meetings...
It’s as normal as it can possibly get, never surprising, never different and maybe that's why I forgot to notice it was as perfect as it can get!
Those perfect days might be over but you know they can't be gone forever when the people who made it so turn up at your doorstep, when you're missing them the most, though they're supposed to be in some other city, when an iced tea and the IIT terrace is all u need to pick up from just where u left, when one evening at the Rooftop is all you need to learn to love the Calcutta skyline once more, in a new way.
I will go to sleep, crying into my pillow tonite, not because I'm sad but because it’s so beautiful to have an intense feeling and the right words at the same time. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why this Kolaveri Di?

As I type this into Google I realise its either me who has a big one (an ego), or the one on my mind right now, who has a bigger one. SO being an ardent believer of the philosophy that Google is the answer to everything in Universe, I’ve decided to turn to it for a solution to this confusion. Yes, I could act jobless at times. Anyway, so Google says Ego is “an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others” and/or “your consciousness of your own identity”. For reasons known only to me, I don’t think they are the same thing. A fine line of difference. While I’d like to believe the second meaning is the correct one, it serves me just as well to believe the first one in the context of my present problem. So end conclusion: I am not the one with the bloated ego. :P
Yes, I am biased like that, but what the hell it makes life easier for me to believe in it :P
I wish people would be a little less juvenile! Why this kolaveri di? :P

In other news, Strawberry Fields is around the corner. =D
Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! And the good times have already begun (minus the unfinished project). Every year SF gives me yet more reasons to fall in love with it, in a new way. Long live SF and ten people Zen rides, and drunken publicity and fooling cops and grilled chicken on acad terrace at three in the night =)
As for SF, checkout =)

Oh and I have a few new resolutions. I’m sticking to them. I’m serious. Yes I AM!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Everything's made to be broken

It's funny how we live life.
Spend decades in a city, make friends, make promises, write letters, gift earrings, cry over coffee.
Then leave all that behind for another city.
Another life.
Another set of friends, a new set of promises, type in texts, gift more earrings and gloss over tears.
Then you leave all that and go back expecting people to be the same.
The kind who made friends with you, made promises, wrote letters, gifted earrings, hugged when you cried.
But they change.
And you are left rummaging through old letters, locating pairs of earrings and lying awake in caffeine induced insomnia.

And well you can’t blame life can you? You can’t blame others for moving on can you?
There’s someone saying the very same things about you.
So take those memories and lock them up in little boxes coz they aren’t coming back. 
The days are gone. Maybe a glimpse here and a glimpse there, but they’re not here to stay back.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Friend=Last Friend

So there are these people who you take for granted…but they’re always around.
Through the good and the bad. Through the ups and downs and you can never find the correct words to thank them.
Yes, I am high and sentimental.
But it’s all worth it on the birthday of the one friend you don’t want to lose.
Happy Birthday My First Friend=My Last Friend.
Niyati Gandhi.

Check her out at Niyaaaaa <3

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Side effects of sipping on sunshine

The water is nice and warm. The sunlight filters in and hits my face. It’s a nice, bright day, not the gloomy, cloudy sky that Bangalore greets you with on many mornings.

I feel more alive than I’ve felt in a long time. Yes, there are too many questions but this time I’ve had the courage to have asked all of them. And have been answered back satisfactorily.

I smile to myself thinking how filmy life can be.
Sometimes it seems like we’re stuck in a terrible dramatic movie that doesn't seem to have a happy ending and no humor but all the morbid twists and turns and mean and snobbish people; and you’re kept waiting for the one BIG THING that is going to change you and your life forever, accompanied by sunny mornings and happy songs.  And then you’re thrown into a whirlpool of cheesy scenes which involve family issues, love problems, troubles with friends, crying in the corner of your bed for hours, a whole lot of shit involving complex social dynamics! You sit on the terrace on a cold, windy night and contemplate on the matters of love, life and the universe. And you start believing that happy endings are a myth. Then you realize happiness was always by your side. And those evil people that makes your life a bit more like a movie? They are still working on their plans to make your life like hell. And those troubles don't leave you. EVER. Afterall KARMA IS A BITCH ( ). But you learn to get things your way. And life is perfect once again. It’s reached its happy ending till the next movie begins.

The feeling of the warm water running through my hair feels awesome and totally kills the goosebumps from the chilly morning air. And my fingers aren’t white and wrinkly from standing under the water for too long. They feel tingly and warm. And red from the rush of blood.

Long, warm showers are AWESOME. So happy and content they make you feel. And I LOVE my new strawberry body wash. It reminds me of strawberry ice-cream-my answer to every kind of sad thing in life =)

So when does the next movie start? Till when will this happy phase last?
I don’t care. And I don’t want to know.

I come out of the shower  knowing only one thing for sure. My new shampoo is PERFECT-JUST the one I needed. =D

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Happy Little Place

First week of trimester.
Lazy afternoons.
Little work pressure.
Jello Shots.
Quad Parties.
Super Pass weekends.
Awesome weather.
A ChickLit.
Old RomComs.
Skype FINALLY working on laptop.

Yes, life can be perfect sometimes =)
And it falls into place in the most unexpected of ways.
I’m so high with happiness it’s unimaginable.
Yes, I’m rarely this happy, but that’s all the more reason to let you guys know.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bitter Pills

If there’s something that law school teaches you, that’s to deal with disappointments. A process of letting go and moving on.
You realize that people will walk in and out of your life but you need to walk away from that disappointment.
You won’t get what you deserve, but you need to accept what you get and remember that a lot of time you manage to get things you don’t deserve.
A lot of your dreams may end up not getting fulfilled but you always have to start dreaming the next one.
And tell you what? I just figured an easy process to get over your disappointments!
 Give your hand at being a nerd. Trust me it does wonders! It makes you feel like a stud to finally submit all your projects on time, does wonders for your self-confidence and keeps you busy and away from thinking too much about whatever that’s driving you nuts.
Food. It’s the instant relief for every cause of worry. Theres NO denying that a lamb risotto or a cheese margherita is the biggest comfort food man ever made!
SHUT the fuck up! Talking doesn’t help. People who should know will know by themselves, without you having to go over things again.
Humour. Ridicule your way through your failures. It’s always good to laugh it off.
Make a list of things you want to do by the end of the year. Trust me it makes you feel better J
Television/TV series. Make sure you catch the latest episodes of Gossip Girl or Glee or How I Met Your Mother  or Chuck or Roadies whatever it  is that you watch. It’s AWESOME. Period.
Reconnect with old friends. Sometimes you need to get away from the people and the place. And most of the times we are too busy being busybee to remember those old faces and places. But trust me there’s nothing like reconnecting with a friend you left behind and laugh over the times when you were stupid and silly.
HOME. There’s no place like home. There’s no one you’d rather talk to than your Mom.

And well there’s nothing in life that’s more important than YOU, so I’m sure it isn’t too difficult to get your act together-for your own sake. Someone once told me that there’s no one or nothing that is irreplaceable in one’s life. I’d disagreed then. I stand corrected.

P.S.- I know I haven’t written for 2.5 months but that’s coz I was putting most of the above things into action and ALSO because there was Univ Week! Wheee! :D