Friday, September 16, 2011

Everything's made to be broken

It's funny how we live life.
Spend decades in a city, make friends, make promises, write letters, gift earrings, cry over coffee.
Then leave all that behind for another city.
Another life.
Another set of friends, a new set of promises, type in texts, gift more earrings and gloss over tears.
Then you leave all that and go back expecting people to be the same.
The kind who made friends with you, made promises, wrote letters, gifted earrings, hugged when you cried.
But they change.
And you are left rummaging through old letters, locating pairs of earrings and lying awake in caffeine induced insomnia.

And well you can’t blame life can you? You can’t blame others for moving on can you?
There’s someone saying the very same things about you.
So take those memories and lock them up in little boxes coz they aren’t coming back. 
The days are gone. Maybe a glimpse here and a glimpse there, but they’re not here to stay back.

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