Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bitter Pills

If there’s something that law school teaches you, that’s to deal with disappointments. A process of letting go and moving on.
You realize that people will walk in and out of your life but you need to walk away from that disappointment.
You won’t get what you deserve, but you need to accept what you get and remember that a lot of time you manage to get things you don’t deserve.
A lot of your dreams may end up not getting fulfilled but you always have to start dreaming the next one.
And tell you what? I just figured an easy process to get over your disappointments!
 Give your hand at being a nerd. Trust me it does wonders! It makes you feel like a stud to finally submit all your projects on time, does wonders for your self-confidence and keeps you busy and away from thinking too much about whatever that’s driving you nuts.
Food. It’s the instant relief for every cause of worry. Theres NO denying that a lamb risotto or a cheese margherita is the biggest comfort food man ever made!
SHUT the fuck up! Talking doesn’t help. People who should know will know by themselves, without you having to go over things again.
Humour. Ridicule your way through your failures. It’s always good to laugh it off.
Make a list of things you want to do by the end of the year. Trust me it makes you feel better J
Television/TV series. Make sure you catch the latest episodes of Gossip Girl or Glee or How I Met Your Mother  or Chuck or Roadies whatever it  is that you watch. It’s AWESOME. Period.
Reconnect with old friends. Sometimes you need to get away from the people and the place. And most of the times we are too busy being busybee to remember those old faces and places. But trust me there’s nothing like reconnecting with a friend you left behind and laugh over the times when you were stupid and silly.
HOME. There’s no place like home. There’s no one you’d rather talk to than your Mom.

And well there’s nothing in life that’s more important than YOU, so I’m sure it isn’t too difficult to get your act together-for your own sake. Someone once told me that there’s no one or nothing that is irreplaceable in one’s life. I’d disagreed then. I stand corrected.

P.S.- I know I haven’t written for 2.5 months but that’s coz I was putting most of the above things into action and ALSO because there was Univ Week! Wheee! :D

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