Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Side effects of sipping on sunshine

The water is nice and warm. The sunlight filters in and hits my face. It’s a nice, bright day, not the gloomy, cloudy sky that Bangalore greets you with on many mornings.

I feel more alive than I’ve felt in a long time. Yes, there are too many questions but this time I’ve had the courage to have asked all of them. And have been answered back satisfactorily.

I smile to myself thinking how filmy life can be.
Sometimes it seems like we’re stuck in a terrible dramatic movie that doesn't seem to have a happy ending and no humor but all the morbid twists and turns and mean and snobbish people; and you’re kept waiting for the one BIG THING that is going to change you and your life forever, accompanied by sunny mornings and happy songs.  And then you’re thrown into a whirlpool of cheesy scenes which involve family issues, love problems, troubles with friends, crying in the corner of your bed for hours, a whole lot of shit involving complex social dynamics! You sit on the terrace on a cold, windy night and contemplate on the matters of love, life and the universe. And you start believing that happy endings are a myth. Then you realize happiness was always by your side. And those evil people that makes your life a bit more like a movie? They are still working on their plans to make your life like hell. And those troubles don't leave you. EVER. Afterall KARMA IS A BITCH ( ). But you learn to get things your way. And life is perfect once again. It’s reached its happy ending till the next movie begins.

The feeling of the warm water running through my hair feels awesome and totally kills the goosebumps from the chilly morning air. And my fingers aren’t white and wrinkly from standing under the water for too long. They feel tingly and warm. And red from the rush of blood.

Long, warm showers are AWESOME. So happy and content they make you feel. And I LOVE my new strawberry body wash. It reminds me of strawberry ice-cream-my answer to every kind of sad thing in life =)

So when does the next movie start? Till when will this happy phase last?
I don’t care. And I don’t want to know.

I come out of the shower  knowing only one thing for sure. My new shampoo is PERFECT-JUST the one I needed. =D

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